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Easy solution to streamline network and information security with a user-friendly and flexible interface. Manage all obligations from risk management to mandatory reporting in one system.

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icon Governance & Controls
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Simpler and more flexible
Governance, Risk & Control management


A unified NIS2 Compliance

We’re building high quality compliance experiences used by top companies


Streamline governance

Track and manage implementation of NIS2, SOC2,
ISO27001, GDPR, and more with ease. Boost your compliance capabilities efficiently. What can you do?

  • icons Add your custom frameworks,
  • icons Share controls across frameworks,
  • icons Link to existing system documentation for comprehensive coverage.

Automate Supplier Audits

Optimize your supplier audits and simplify the process through the system. The process is highly configurable, so you can improve and update your automations continuously. This also allows you to track the performance of your suppliers on the metrics’ you care about.


Risk and incident management

Gain a historical overview of your risk mitigation efforts and document the process to main stakeholders. You can decide on different types of risk and the procedure for working with risks.

  • icons Manage DPIA and TIA
  • icons Documentation and overview of all risks and incidents

Additional NIS2 management features

Trust Center

Share access to your privacy policies, code of conduct, whistleblowing channel, and much more in your own branded universe.

Policy management

Host, update, and approve policies for simplified policy governance process. Link policies to various compliance areas seamlessly.

Group Structures

Use templates and nested access permissions to manage group structures and get access to statistical information across the entire group.

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Formalize allows us to create a solid base of structured data that can be easily exported and filtered. It guarantees us the flexibility necessary for the complexity of our company's reality.

Mauro Vitacca
Compliance Manager - Fondazione Opera San Camillo